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Pickering Limo & Party Bus Rentals are the best when it comes to choosing the most luxurious and comfortable transportation throughout the Durham Region. With us you are guaranteed a comfortable, luxurious and efficient journey. We are not afraid to go the extra mile to bring a smile to the faces of our customers. All your various needs and desires will be fulfilled. For that we have prepared a wide range of thrilling packages for all kinds of people with all so different needs.

Our technologically advance huge fleet of vehicles are the ultimate symbol of luxury and style. Wherever you go you will certainly be in the spotlight, with all eyes on you. Our professionally trained and fully attired chauffeurs will also serve as your personal guide, and will take you to your destination by taking the best route possible. You will most definitely enjoy the company of such polite and well groomed drivers. They are quite familiar with the routes and will take you to your destination efficiently. We offer a huge number of packages so no matter who you are, what you desire, we know and so we proudly bring you the best range of packages in Pickering.

Pickering Wedding Limo

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No event can be as moving as a wedding when two people decide to spend all their lives with each other. We know and understands the complexities of the occasion and deals with each and every matter with great care and sensitivity. At this time, the bride and groom both need some privacy and extra care. This is not the time to involve them in outside worries, like transportation, parking, traffic issues, fueling and so on. Rather, they need solitude and concentration to attend the most important affair of their life. Similarly, at a moment like this there can be issues like punctuality and safety as well. Check out our fleet of limousines and party buses in Pickering for wedding events.

Pickering Party Bus Rentals

Our party bus rental service in Pickering is the symbol of pride and class. Classy people always look for sophistication and facility when planning a party. We offer you everything you expect from a luxurious service, that is, the latest technology and civilized service. Our Party Buses have flat TV screens, so that you enjoy your journey while watching a movie or something of your choice. The mood lighting, the state-of-the-art sound system will allow you to sing and dance throughout your journey when going to a fun party like prom, birthday, stag night, wedding, picnic, Christmas or a night out.

Pickering Wedding Limo